The Sophisticated Invicta Russian Diver 1242 Dress Watch

This Invicta Russian Diver Skeleton Dial 1242 Men’s Watch, which has made of stainless steel with a black polyurethane strap. Has a flame fusion crystal and silver tone skeleton dial that is sure to keep you on time, is great for anyone who wants a watch that can take some of the roughest treatment possible. We are certain that you will truly like the depth of its detail if you enjoy divers, which implies that you also enjoy the design of this watch.

A robust, long-lasting, strong, and lightweight material is stainless steel. The watch uses a mechanical mechanism for its movement, making it accurate and dependable. The watch is further scratch-resistant thanks to Flame Fusion Crystal protection. It is not appropriate for scuba diving and has a diameter of 52 mm and a water resistance of up to 50 meters.

Its appearance has made more appealing by the Luminous Dial. Flame Fusion Crystal, which is another layer of protection for the Watch, makes it scratch-resistant. The long-lasting black polyurethane strap fits tightly around your wrist. With its elegant and refined appearance, this stunning watch is to complement the collection of any man.

  • Mechanical Movement
    The smoothness and accuracy of your watch’s operation are dependent on the movement’s quality. Cheap, mass-produced timepieces often have poor movements that make them lose or gain time and are brittle. The mechanisms of high-end watches, on the other hand, are often constructed from intricate components.
  • Product Descriptions
    The black polyurethane strap of the Invicta Russian Diver Skeleton Dial 1242 Men’s Watch complements the unconventional watch face. The Invicta Russian Diver Skeleton Dial 1242 Men’s Watch is a stunning timepiece because to its flame fusion crystal and silver-tone details on the watch face. Invicta’s Russian Diver Skeleton Dial 1242 Men’s Watch sports a flame fusion crystal and a fixed bezel around its circular dial. The Invicta Russian Diver Skeleton Dial 1242 Men’s Watch’s black polyurethane strap fits wrists of all sizes, so you’ll never need to buy another strap.

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