The Casio Analog Digital AW-90H-7EV Men’s Watch is Trending?

The Casio Analog Digital AW-90H-7EV Men’s Watch features a high-contrast black resin case, resin/spherical crystal, and a white dial. It is powered by quartz movement with a dual time display in an analog/digital mode that shows 12/24 hours in a separate format.

Casio watch is the latest featured trend on the Casio site. Known for their well-crafted, reliable, and affordable watches, Casio offers a huge selection of timepieces for men. Casio analog-digital AW-90H-7EV men’s watch boasts a white dial with analog and digital modes, dual time zone functionality with 12 or 24-hour formats, daily alarm with an hourly time signal, and accurate ± 30 seconds per month accuracy. This model also features a buckle clasp system to ensure a secure fit that is comfortable to wear all day long.

How does Dual Time Work on an Analog & Digital Watch?

Dual Time allows the user to read two different time zones simultaneously. Some watches with dual time have a single display that can be switched between the local time and a second-time zone, while others show both times simultaneously but with the local time being displayed in a smaller window.

How it works:

In normal use, the analog watch would display the time as digits on a dial while the digital watch would show numeric digits in a liquid crystal display (LCD) window. One can work without affecting the other so that one is always showing time.

What are the Benefits of an Analog & Digital Watch?

Analog watches allow you to check the time instantly without having to power up your phone. Digital watches allow you to set alarms, track how many miles you walk, etc. The Casio Dual Time features a resin band with a buckle clasp for a comfortable fit.

What to expect from this Casio Dual Time:

The hour, minute, and second hands rotate on the analog watch which adds more attraction to it. The digital display of the watch shows you the time at a glance without having to read your wristwatch. The water resistance feature of this watch is very good in working condition.

  • Very simple, easy-to-read face and analog/digital display.
  • Ease of use. Changing the time is as easy as pushing a button and setting the hands to the right numbers. There are plenty of visual cues on how to do this.
  • Great for casual use as it has a decent feature set for the price.

This watch is good for casual use as it has a good feature set for the price, and is able to store dual time zone. It would be best used by someone who needs an easy-to-read face with analog and digital displays.

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